Marble is an important stone that has emerged as a result of tens of thousands of yearly presses giving a new form to limestone and fascinating us for ages with its beauty. A material that is used for columns and structures for hundreds of years and covered long distances and paid well for the sake of it. There are less things that can show luxury, strength and elegance in a spirit better than marble. It catches perfect fit with bright and shiny metals such as brass, bronze and gold.

The types of marble that we accustomed to see mostly in kitchen countertops and in the bathrooms now appear often in the halls and entrances, on the walls and the furniture. The light-transmitting colorful and grainy structure of the onyx marble that is a perfect choice for creating mystical, curious, warm and peaceful spaces is ideal for a decorative partition wall or making a table.

Due to granite marble has distant appearance contrary to the onyx, it is used more often in business world structures, as we often see. The granite which is unique in reflecting the spirit of the authority with its dark colors and high durability, is the reason for preferring to create hot environments in winter and cool environments in summer with high heat permeability.

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Decorative marble accessories make a difference with its touches. It is possible to catch a harmony with distributing the marble objects to various corners of the place using with marble drink coasters, slabs, marble bibles, marble frames, marble vases and candelabras. The marble sculptures will reflect all the graces of this magnificent stone that can be processed.

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A polished onyx marble table on wood, a marble nesting table with brass legs or a center table helps to catch an impressive atmosphere with its useful and stylish looks. Especially in the houses with Art Deco and classical style, marble is the primary material for both floor and furniture.

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Marble-look plates and serving plates, rusty onyx bowls have a strong influence that reminiscent of feast days on dinner tables and catering. It prominently makes understand of the generosity of the home owner, the importance that given to the guests with its the luxurious and stylish appearance.

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Marmara marble, which is one of the most precious marble samples of our land and  took its name from the region it came out of, was the most preferred type of marble to be used especially in bathrooms and bathhouses. The Marmara marble, which has been in great demand after many years when it has not been worth as much as before, has started to take place in the bathrooms and making washbasins again, but it also takes its place in making objects besides all these.


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Marble that takes place in working rooms, provides a clear environment and mind with its usage as working table and built-in shelf. The strength of the marble preponderantly manifest itself in particular on floors and walls, but using marble-look wallpapers may be preferable, as it will be less costly and less tiring than building a marble wall.

On the other hand you can use marble bookends for your library, can add light with marble lights, can serve coffee in marble trays and reflect the intense marble spirit with small preferences.

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