Brass, which is born from the alloy of bronze and copper, found around 1000 B.C. The transformation of the red color of copper into a golden yellow with zinc would help to keep the luxury and sparkle more on the ground since it would not be possible to use a precious metal as everywhere, so the brass found itself in a very spacious place, especially in the houses and the Romans took their lives as the most common and frequently used material of the Empire, and for thousands of years, brass was an item we loved to use because it was more expensive, but more beautiful and durable.

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The brass objects have been reared in recent years, but the period of 2017-2018 we are in is literally ‘brass age in decoration’ all over the world. This powerful alloy, which can be used as a substitute for wood in use, is used as the base material in many furniture; brass buffets, brass coffee tables, brass dining tables and chairs. On the other hand, the brass chandelier and the floor lamps are seen by taking shape in great way thanks to the easy and durable feature of making the brass.

In addition to the brass implementations, which started to be found in interior architecture as a wall covering, ‘brass vessels’ were added. This image, which is obtained by passing thick stripes that form mostly geometric shapes over marble or wooden floor, is both contemporary and very impressive, especially it can be used in luxurious restaurants, big companies’ buildings or in the hotels, with brass detailed wooden furniture, brass accessories and it will be possible to achieve the elegant and sumptuous texture of ancient Rome when it is supported by sculptural objects from the brass.

Another trend that marked the last years was the pink and tropical baths. The most striking feature in these bathrooms, which were made of pink marble, pink wallpapers, pink carpets and pink mosaics, was the use of brass. This material, which is compatible with pastel colors as well as wood, has come to the fore as the material of the necessities of metal such as wall-mounted cabinets, faucets, shower handles in pink baths and adds glitter to the bathrooms with its brilliant color and brightness. The same was true for the abundance of tropical patterns or for modern classical planned baths, and this was a very impressive experience.

Of course, the kitchen is a very, very suitable area for the use of this material. Brass kitchen utensils and accessories also have a great appeal for those who like to cook with warmth and durability. Brass pendants, brass-plated island counters, brass racks, and brass tools can fly from happiness to a landlord or owner who loves chic and sparkle.

Brass decoration objects are special pieces that can find their own place in almost every style. Small sculptures in a modern classic house, brass lampshades and wall decorations in art deco brass candlesticks in England country style can be found in a decorated house’s table. In addition, a glorious brass chandelier in eclectic rooms can add a subtle pleasure to the interior of a floor lamp in an industrial designed room.


Brass, which offers unlimited use from small objects to artworks, from plumbing faucets, from lighting to kitchen items and lounge furniture, is as brilliant as its color with its new era. It is time to get out and get what we are looking for from this diversity.

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