Antique: Life Story of the Object

“If it is 25 years old it is retro, if it is older than 40 years, but if it is older than 100 years it is antique” sentence may be helpful to distinguish the old objects to categories for those who are at the beginning of this, but it requires more than a century in order for a object to be included in an antique class of material and spiritual values.

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Antiques can turn into a passion that shapes all of people’s lives, especially for people who are deeply connected with spaces and objects. When looking at an elegant porcelain cup of 150 years old, the one who can imagine the lips of the young woman who touched it also can think about the things that happened on that particular day deserves to get that tea cup which is survived 150 years without any damage, without a doubt. Indeed, the things that made antiques valuable are; their materials, the periodic symbols they carry, and their rareness as well as their life experience.

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Antiques can find themselves in every room in the interior of your home - except perhaps for futuristic home decor - in virtually any style, but the most integrated styles are undoubtedly British country decoration and Classical style. Indeed, an antique sofa made from leather can provide a perfect image in a Modern Classical house. A brass mirror creates an enchanting reflection in a bedroom in a romantic style, and an old coffee table can be filled with an extraordinary design of glass and machete in an eclectic house.

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Most antique items are passed down from generations to generations as heirlooms. The fact that their stories are known, of course, makes them much more valuable, almost as important as any other person in the house. Sometimes in the family there is no longer anyone to protect this legacy, or for financial reasons, when antiques are sold out, they continue their life to collect new stories under another roof with their story. Maestro can live for centuries when all the long-lived goods are adequately preserved in the porcelain, metal and marble resistant fabrics, from this point of view, it is possible to see these living beings as an envoy who keeps the souls of their owners and prolong their life.

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Antique items are another important feature, that is, the condition is well preserved and can even continue its function, especially if it has a mechanical or electronic function. The antiques, which can sustain their first day’s purpose, such as a working clock, an illuminating lampshade, are always more valuable.

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If you care enough to make an antique collection, you do not have to go after a 100 year old bike, because some vintage and retro parts that are produced in a small number of times will be included in the antique class in the years to come, so they can be regarded as unique pieces that you can pass on to future generations of your family . You can display them at the places you deserve in your home, and you can continue to use them if their condition is good.

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Lacquer vessels, bleu blanc vases, brass decor chandeliers can fascinate you at the place you do not expect; another circuit may radiate you into the story of another space, but of course it must be endorsed and valued by an expert who knows that these things are rare, really ancient and period-evident. Antique is no different than a specially designed jewel, and the reason to carry its trust for its story will be daring. If you are confident in this matter, bon voyage!

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