Humankind has watched nature from the First Ages to today; tried to understand, to give the meaning and imitate. In order to survive and enhance the comfort of life, they made themselves tools from the forms they saw in the nature, using materials procured from nature. As they progressed in science and technique, they began to conceptualize the habitat they lived in to better understand the perfection of nature's intelligent design. They dreamed of flying by lokking at birds, go underwater looking at fishes, and succeeded... Inspired by this glorious system that humankind has continued to explore throughout its history even today, communication from architecture to decoration, from transport to health, from political science has made inventions that will carry every civilization in the field. Of course, the knowledge and experience of the existence of the human race which is about 190 thousand years old is lower than the world which is 5 billion years old and the universe which is about 14 billion years old. But humans continues to develop and progress in the guidance of nature.


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The history of humankind to develop vital solutions by inspiration from nature is based on the First Ages as we have called. However, the naming of this situation is still very new. The “biomimicry” approach, written by naturalist and author Janine M. Benyus in 1997 in his book “Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature”, aims to produce sustainable and innovative solutions by imitating models and strategies that have been tested and successful in nature in time. The biomimicry, which can also be described as “nature-inspired innovation”, is inspired by the intelligent engineering of nature and involves designs that are more efficient, sustainable, energy-saving, cost-effective and as environmentally friendly as possible. Decoration and architectural areas are also taking their share from this approach, which has been inspired by the natural principles of life. Climatization with associating nature with architecture; factors such as humidity, wind, temperature adjustment and lighting are shaped in line with this understanding. Nature’s intelligence unites with science and equips life with smart and as well aesthetic designs. This approach, centering on earth and environmental sustainability as a whole not centering human, is respectful to nature, able to survive with nature and to protect the ecosystem, brings with it. The principle of “respect for nature” ensures the creation of designs and architects that will not lose the power and influence for many years in terms of adopting the right of all living beings to self-absorb and survive. The designs made by taking care of the world and future generations respond to today as well as to the future by supporting sustainable development.


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In the field of decoration, this approach finds its place in terms of both the material and the form and function. People now want to see designs from natural materials that seem almost untreated in their living spaces. In addition to aesthetics, ergonomics, usefulness, contribution to sustainability, and respect for nature are also a big priority in the 21st century decoration preferences of people. The minimal decoration sense is based on Asian consumption trends such as Wabi-Sabi and Zen; loving things with imperfections, reconciling the past with a balance today, in a positive sense, “decreasing” and pointing to the simplicity.


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Those who want to get away from the artificial fiction of city life turn their approach to nature by making room to these approaches. “Escape” to nature and natural opens areas for people to breathe in both real and figurative sense. For this reason, soil, metal and wood; are no longer used, at least as processed, as natural as possible, in their living space. Green, both in color and in plant form, makes us feel refreshed, cleansing and refreshing in all the places we live. Here are 8 ostentatious designs that bear that eye-catching aesthetic of nature:


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