Books take us from where we live and to other lives, geography, cultures... Books that talk to us like friends, feed our mind and heart and enrich our idea world. As the sentence “A read a book and my life changed” in the work “The New Life” by our nobel laureate author Orhan Pamuk, we read a book in one day and our whole life and perspective on life change. These works influence our everything from our words and style. Here are those unforgettable books and the decoration styles of the cultures that those books come from..

Under the influence of "Zorba", in the direction of the blue: Mediterranean style

Who can forget about the "Zorba", which contains the Greek culture, where the Mediterranean breezes are felt on each line of Nikos Kazancakis ...Many of us knows this magnificent work,  from the black-and-white film adapted by Mihalis Kakogiannis to the cinema with the same name. We pace Crete Island with this work with its stone streets, stone houses and authentic architectural style. The last scene that Alexis Zorba and “Boss” made syrtos with traditional Greek music in the background takes all the audience to Crete beaches. Mediterranean style is under yours eyes with blue and white colors. You can see almost all the shades of blue, green, orange and yellow in the Mediterranean style decoration that points to Greece, Italy and Spain. Whitewashed textured stone walls, wooden ceilings, stone or tiled floors, wooden pergolas and natural wood surfaces are the must for this style. In detail we see flying curtains, linen covers, bamboo baskets, ceramic cubes and wrought iron details.


36.// Bodrum Gündoğan Villa https://ru.cosalindo.com/bodrum-gundogan-villa



T&S Interiors Opalin Vase https://ru.cosalindo.com/opalin-vazo

In the way of of "Don Quixote": Colonial style

The story of Mr. Kesada, also known as Don Quixote who is an old landlord and dreams about being a knight cause of reading knight books, makes smile and think everyone who reads the story. The work which is one of the most important works of Spanish Golden Era and world literature and was written in the beginning of Colonial Era, includes the most important clues about Spanish culture. The most important feature of the Colonial style is that wood is predominantly used in decoration. Flowerless huge leafed plants, antique tiled floors, frilled curtains, big and small tables and tile vases are the complements of this style that includes partly tropic details, is shaped engraved dark wooden furniture, and is included mostly cream and white.


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“Mrs. Dalloway”’s party: Victorian style

We are a guest to the tea parties of Britishers, to Victorian Era with its unbelievable rules and aristocrats world with their centuries old traditions with the little bit persifleur, critical and detailer view of Virginia Woolf who is the most important author of World and English literature. The novel that in London during I. World War Era, discusses the details of British culture with refers to Victorian Era through the preparations that Dalloway made for the party that she would throw that night. Viktoria style decoration takes its roots from this era. Large and garish chandeliers, engraved furniture that carved as lace, orientalism symbol antique carpets, tasseled curtains from heavy fabrics are the characteristic feature of this style. The tones of gold, purple and red are used to break the heavy style of the Victorian style dominated by dark colors.


 Bretz Ö. Bilge House http://ru.cosalindo.com/o-bilge-house


Colors of  “One Hundred Years of Solitude”: Ethnic style

The Nobel laureate Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez is undoubtedly Latin America's strongest author. The author, who brighten to the traditions, colors, rituals and daily life of this geography with his works, shows readers in "One Hundred Years of Solitude" in the streets of his childhood. The novel that was emerged novelization of the stories that the author listened from his grandmother by author after many years as read by all the world with interest carries traces from ethnic architecture and style with earth houses, Gypsies and squares. Contrast colors, various patterns used together, handmade accessories, memorable old furniture and objects create the character of ethnic style. Small bibelots, lanterns, tropical plants, ethnic patterned carpets, earth vases and earth tones are among the outstanding details of ethnic style.


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Minimalism of “Kafka on the Shore”  Asian style

The language of “Kafka on the Shore” that the best work of the author and has numerous award feeds from Japanese legends and duly gives all the tastes that desired in the fictional novel with weird coincidences, extraordinary dialogues, prophecies and dreams. The works by Haruki Murakami take us far away, to the extraordinary world of Asian culture. Asian style decoration that feeds from “Less is more” philosophy includes the features of minimalism. In the colors, the natural earth tones are at the forefront. In this style, which aims at the refreshment in the living spaces with few furniture as possible as, authentic figurative accessories such as dragons and elephants, small statuettes, natural materials such as leather and wood and wooden panels carry the mystic world of the Far East to homes. Decorative water baths, incenses and candles add peace to those lifes who are seeking calmness.



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Paris of “Les Misérables”: French style

"Les Misérables", one of the most important works of the French romantic trend, is among the most known classics of the world. When the immortal piece of work by Viktor Hugo tells the tragic life of Jan Valjean who are galley slave, describes the France of 1800’s and especially Paris with all aspects. Gilded mirrors and accessories, garish furniture, velvet and satin fabrics, abundant stone crystal chandeliers and oil paintings that garnish that garnish the houses of this era are the basic elements of French style home decoration. Garish lampshades, brass treated mirrors and candelabras are the complement of this romantic ambiance. The magnificence and richness of this style shows itself with Chester style bedheads, corrugated stitched bed covers and makeup tables that is the product of craftsmanship.

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