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CENTER OF THE HOUSE AND MIND: BOOKCASES The most precious furniture, with innumerable worlds within it, is undoubtedly the bookcase. Every time you extend your hand, the bookcase shelves that host books that open the door to a new world have an important place in our living spaces with its finely decorative features that reflect what they deserve. BOU Interior & Architecture | MAD Yenikoy House http://ru.cosalindo.com/mad-yenikoy-house Wood engraved, stupendous classic wooden bookcases preserving the freshness of our memories as a fixture of an intellectual environment, on the other hand some modern bookcases, along with the style of industrial decoration, moved to shelf systems consisting of metal and woodman. The decoration style you apply in your house or workplace is also giving you the key to what kind of bookcase you should get.     Snoc Home & Garden | Rafferty Bookcase http://ru.cosalindo.com/rafferty-bookcase As the formatting of the bookcases changed and they stood out from their old patterns, the shelves became more minimal and borderless. This has enabled the expansion of book supporters and the renewal of their designs in dashy forms. The shelf supports made of heavy materials such as marble, metal are gains intensity that can not be overlooked in the decoration. Four & More | Set of 2 AZ Bookends http://ru.cosalindo.com/set-of-2-az-bookends Studio Fav. | Mountain Bookend  There is an area where the bookcases are as important as our living rooms and work places, which is undoubtedly the children’s room. If we think that reading habit are mostly achieved in childhood, it is very important to place bookcases that addresses children’s ages, heights and souls from the time of their infancy. The flat structure is one of the ideal solutions, allowing the Montessori bookcases to see the height of the book and the book covers, and children are more likely to connect with the books they see with their covers and examine them further. In addition, book shelves to be prepared from Scandinavian wall shelves and even kitchen favors can be conveniently used in children's rooms with convenient and not too heavy book supports. Kids Living Etc | Baris's Room http://ru.cosalindo.com/bariss-room Escape from Sofa | Ordu University Nursery http://ru.cosalindo.com/ordu-university-nursery It is possible to produce exceptional bookcase solutions at work. Shelves that rotate around a column and pendant shelves are examples. The bookcases in our study rooms are also prestige monuments which show our cultural and intellectual substructures. For this reason it is important to look at the bookcases not only as interior elements to be filled in, but as a friend who reflects our identity, and to choose a design accordingly, the phrase ‘tell me who you go with and I'll tell you who you are’ suits the most for our books that we fill the selves with. Laxmi Interiors |  Medden Shipping Office http://ru.cosalindo.com/medden-shipping-office Laxmi Interiors | Hisarustu House http://ru.cosalindo.com/hisarustu-house The most important step for the bookcases that we can call ‘book houses’, which includes various possibilities such as bookcases which are made of geometric cabinets, book shelves which are made from different colors and materials, turning goods that are no longer functional into bookcase, is making space for them in place. On the other hand, if you have a real bibliophile and books that are constantly proliferating, it is good to leave relatives of this area empty, after a while, new columns and shelves will be ready to fill those gaps. Ayca Sevinc | Be Modular Bookshelf http://ru.cosalindo.com/be-modular-bookshelf Hamm | Cek Cici Bookshelf http://ru.cosalindo.com/cek-cici-bookshelf Do not hesitate to be passionate and curious to carry a piece of your bookcases, which is house, mind and even the intellectual sense of the world, into your living spaces!      
BRASS PERIOD IN DECORATION Brass, which is born from the alloy of bronze and copper, found around 1000 B.C. The transformation of the red color of copper into a golden yellow with zinc would help to keep the luxury and sparkle more on the ground since it would not be possible to use a precious metal as everywhere, so the brass found itself in a very spacious place, especially in the houses and the Romans took their lives as the most common and frequently used material of the Empire, and for thousands of years, brass was an item we loved to use because it was more expensive, but more beautiful and durable. Som Interior | Round Coffee Table http://ru.cosalindo.com/round-coffee-table The brass objects have been reared in recent years, but the period of 2017-2018 we are in is literally ‘brass age in decoration’ all over the world. This powerful alloy, which can be used as a substitute for wood in use, is used as the base material in many furniture; brass buffets, brass coffee tables, brass dining tables and chairs. On the other hand, the brass chandelier and the floor lamps are seen by taking shape in great way thanks to the easy and durable feature of making the brass. In addition to the brass implementations, which started to be found in interior architecture as a wall covering, ‘brass vessels’ were added. This image, which is obtained by passing thick stripes that form mostly geometric shapes over marble or wooden floor, is both contemporary and very impressive, especially it can be used in luxurious restaurants, big companies’ buildings or in the hotels, with brass detailed wooden furniture, brass accessories and it will be possible to achieve the elegant and sumptuous texture of ancient Rome when it is supported by sculptural objects from the brass. Another trend that marked the last years was the pink and tropical baths. The most striking feature in these bathrooms, which were made of pink marble, pink wallpapers, pink carpets and pink mosaics, was the use of brass. This material, which is compatible with pastel colors as well as wood, has come to the fore as the material of the necessities of metal such as wall-mounted cabinets, faucets, shower handles in pink baths and adds glitter to the bathrooms with its brilliant color and brightness. The same was true for the abundance of tropical patterns or for modern classical planned baths, and this was a very impressive experience. Of course, the kitchen is a very, very suitable area for the use of this material. Brass kitchen utensils and accessories also have a great appeal for those who like to cook with warmth and durability. Brass pendants, brass-plated island counters, brass racks, and brass tools can fly from happiness to a landlord or owner who loves chic and sparkle. Brass decoration objects are special pieces that can find their own place in almost every style. Small sculptures in a modern classic house, brass lampshades and wall decorations in art deco brass candlesticks in England country style can be found in a decorated house’s table. In addition, a glorious brass chandelier in eclectic rooms can add a subtle pleasure to the interior of a floor lamp in an industrial designed room.   Brass, which offers unlimited use from small objects to artworks, from plumbing faucets, from lighting to kitchen items and lounge furniture, is as brilliant as its color with its new era. It is time to get out and get what we are looking for from this diversity.
CHILDREN'S ROOM: BACKYARD OF CHILDHOOD Childhood that the most important and most precious period of the human life serves as a backyard where all life is shaped such as the secret oasis that the first fears, the first excitements, all the feelings of being human becomes green and where our character is guided. At the beginning of all the private places where privacy is learned and the individuality is discovered, there is a room belongs to the child. Crocodily Kid’s Architect  | MT Children’s Room How is the child room organized? A room suited to the child's wishes, physical and spiritual development will help the child fully live his/her most mysterious and entertaining years of life, just as a child must live. A room where the colors tons are balanced and chirped, a room where the sleeping, working and playing areas are correctly separated from each other and arranged in the way the child imagines is important for a comfortable sleep and less confusion. A decoration that focuses on the interests of the child, leaving behind the parent-dependent time of babyhood and being autonomous, productive and full of dreams, will be very supportive. Four & More | Seba Flora Roof Duplex Children's Room Children love to hide from early childhood and to create a world that is special to them. Game tents are a tiny world that looks small from the outside, but opens up inside, offering a place to sleep, to play house, to hide and to think. Wallpapers for coloring the room or stickers that specially designed for children’s room can be very ideal. For example, you can use a world map wall paper that shows animals and plants in the room of a child has discovery desires. In the case of furniture placements, you can use a bunk bed in the bedroom of your active little girl who loves to leap and jump and you can make room for a mechanism that she climbs with the help of rope or stairs and then slide. Jericho Pink Game Tent Children’s room furniture Carefully selected wooden furniture that does not contain BPA should be the primary choice due to it also provides air circulation in the room. A period that is not that long and divided into two parts of childhood will differentiate needs of early childhood period and after-school childhood period and so furniture needs will be different according to these two periods. Choosing the furniture as adapted to this change can provide convenience. In order to make pictures in preschool period, a small table and stool suitable for the height of the child will be enough, it is better to choose an ergonomic table that will lighten the homework load of the child in after school period and a chair that will not damage to child’s sitting position. For your children who are in the age of fulfilling their responsibilities, and obtaining in-cabinet solutions consisting of divisions that will facilitate classification and layout, wardrobes that proper to their heights and Montessori libraries that they would pick and read their own books will be good. You can make a appropriate choice from the wide world of children's cabinet models. Decoration ideas for Children’s room The decor of children's rooms is basically toys. You can be sure that the objects used to decorate will become a toy after a while, on the other hand it is very sensible and effective decoration solutions using extraordinary sconces for lighting and hanging pleasent tables on their walls proper to them. Soto-Lab | Çelebi Yalısı Children’s Room Do not make the room a riot of colors so that sinking into sleep becomes a problem. If you keep the work desk away from the bed, you can prevent their brains from entering the unwanted continuous resting mode. It is ideal to use two types of lighting together in the children's rooms, a top lighting where they can clearly see their surroundings while playing games, a night light that will help them to overcome minor fears even though sleeping in the dark will be healthier for them and, a floor lamp that provides enough lighting in resting and reading times creates beautiful solutions. Pekmez-Boz | BE Taksim Children’s Room The Scandinavian decoration style is one of the most varied and functional in terms of children's rooms and decoration ideas, as it belongs to one of the cultures that mostly gives the due a child to being a child. The curtains and bedclothes, particularly furnished with illustrations, are considered to be a guiding style for the children's room with a sense of systematic and rational furniture, with plushes cut out for sleeping and playmates. Are you ready for the inestimable taste of integrate a room that will jog to memories for this most striking and unforgettable period of the life, with your child's expectations?
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