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CENTER OF THE HOUSE AND MIND: BOOKCASES The most precious furniture, with innumerable worlds within it, is undoubtedly the bookcase. Every time you extend your hand, the bookcase shelves that host books that open the door to a new world have an important place in our living spaces with its finely decorative features that reflect what they deserve. BOU Interior & Architecture | MAD Yenikoy House http://ru.cosalindo.com/mad-yenikoy-house Wood engraved, stupendous classic wooden bookcases preserving the freshness of our memories as a fixture of an intellectual environment, on the other hand some modern bookcases, along with the style of industrial decoration, moved to shelf systems consisting of metal and woodman. The decoration style you apply in your house or workplace is also giving you the key to what kind of bookcase you should get.     Snoc Home & Garden | Rafferty Bookcase http://ru.cosalindo.com/rafferty-bookcase As the formatting of the bookcases changed and they stood out from their old patterns, the shelves became more minimal and borderless. This has enabled the expansion of book supporters and the renewal of their designs in dashy forms. The shelf supports made of heavy materials such as marble, metal are gains intensity that can not be overlooked in the decoration. Four & More | Set of 2 AZ Bookends http://ru.cosalindo.com/set-of-2-az-bookends Studio Fav. | Mountain Bookend  There is an area where the bookcases are as important as our living rooms and work places, which is undoubtedly the children’s room. If we think that reading habit are mostly achieved in childhood, it is very important to place bookcases that addresses children’s ages, heights and souls from the time of their infancy. The flat structure is one of the ideal solutions, allowing the Montessori bookcases to see the height of the book and the book covers, and children are more likely to connect with the books they see with their covers and examine them further. In addition, book shelves to be prepared from Scandinavian wall shelves and even kitchen favors can be conveniently used in children's rooms with convenient and not too heavy book supports. Kids Living Etc | Baris's Room http://ru.cosalindo.com/bariss-room Escape from Sofa | Ordu University Nursery http://ru.cosalindo.com/ordu-university-nursery It is possible to produce exceptional bookcase solutions at work. Shelves that rotate around a column and pendant shelves are examples. The bookcases in our study rooms are also prestige monuments which show our cultural and intellectual substructures. For this reason it is important to look at the bookcases not only as interior elements to be filled in, but as a friend who reflects our identity, and to choose a design accordingly, the phrase ‘tell me who you go with and I'll tell you who you are’ suits the most for our books that we fill the selves with. Laxmi Interiors |  Medden Shipping Office http://ru.cosalindo.com/medden-shipping-office Laxmi Interiors | Hisarustu House http://ru.cosalindo.com/hisarustu-house The most important step for the bookcases that we can call ‘book houses’, which includes various possibilities such as bookcases which are made of geometric cabinets, book shelves which are made from different colors and materials, turning goods that are no longer functional into bookcase, is making space for them in place. On the other hand, if you have a real bibliophile and books that are constantly proliferating, it is good to leave relatives of this area empty, after a while, new columns and shelves will be ready to fill those gaps. Ayca Sevinc | Be Modular Bookshelf http://ru.cosalindo.com/be-modular-bookshelf Hamm | Cek Cici Bookshelf http://ru.cosalindo.com/cek-cici-bookshelf Do not hesitate to be passionate and curious to carry a piece of your bookcases, which is house, mind and even the intellectual sense of the world, into your living spaces!      
2018 SPRING/SUMMER COLOR TREND REPORT In the name of the colors! Fashion; is beyond our wardrobes, continues to add innovation, value and aesthetics to all areas of our lives, from our homes to our offices. The strong atmosphere of the fashion surrounds our life completely. From the streets to the kitchens we can easily see the traces of its dominance everywhere. Just as we combine our clothes, we design our living spaces in a fashionable way. The 2018 spring-summer decoration trends tell us that we should blend soft tones to balance with fresh neon colors. In short, this year the main colors are on the shelf. There is no doubt that carrying refreshing air of spring to our homes we use to enjoy our time with our loved ones, not only for resting, having fun and doing various activities, will come to us and our loved ones very well. The first thing we need to do to feel that wonderful energy of renewal is to open the doors of our house to neon colors. The color palette is quite large; green, yellow, orange, blue and pink can add enthusiasm to your living spaces with the most eye-catching tones; in these colors you can create a focus point in the part of your house where you want with a seat, lamp or wall. In fact the more brave ones can use these colors even on their ceilings. In the background of the vibrant colors, there are pale, soft tones. These soft, pastel colors will not only be on the backdrops, but will also add warmth to your living spaces in small touches in illumination and accessories.   There is lavender at the top of the list of the most trendy colors of spring. Lavender, a soft and romantic color, will make you feel the light-headed air of spring. The tones of lavender you can perfectly combine with floral-patterned furnishings will be the heralds of the coming spring. In 2018 spring summer, the lemur yellow that appeals to the fashion colors attracts the attention. We can use those sweet tones of yellow from furniture to the curtains, from linens to accessories everywhere. We can also carry yellow, which can show itself better in large areas with sunshine, to our lives with furnishings and accessories with brass detail. The yellow color is very stylish, especially with black and white tribal patterns unique to Africa, which is the trend of 2018. She Mimarlık Maya Residence Another color that is influenced by the spring/summer season is vivid pink. Dark magenta, which we do not dare to think about using because it would not fit well, colors halls with the inspiration that new season has given. Especially those who want to make ethnic style home decorations will love this trend very much. You can combine pink tones with zebra-patterned furnishings, balancing with the gray color of last season’s favorite color, creating a vibrant yet not strain the eyes style. For those who are not very happy with the pink, there is bright orange. When you look at these vibrant oranges that warm you up, with the sage green which is indispensable for the new season, carries its refreshing nature effect to our lives. Large floral patterned textiles are very well suited to orange, creating an energetic atmosphere that integrates with almost every color. If you like dark tones like black, brown, you can add a little movement with orange to your room and subtract your décor from gloomy. Pekmez-Boz SE Beşiktaş Living Room  Gliese Design | Terra Yellow Chair  With 2018 decoration trends, velvet seats and wallpapers began to take their place in our homes. These two fluffy colors are also among the favorites of the spring-summer season; are soil red and tobacco green. Yes, we will see these two colors in new ways, both in the streets, on the podiums and in the decorations. These colors, that we can say that they are satiated, dignified and melancholic, combine with warm and vibrant tones to create a timeless effect in the rooms. Let’s say that both colors look very romantic with wooden furniture. Those who want to try different styles can use these colors on their ceiling. In addition to soil red and tobacco green, there is another tone that spring wind has brought; chocolate brown. The chocolate brown, which you can use with both colors easily add depth to the used areas with its warm and powerful stance. It is unfair not to mention ultraviolet, which is put its stamp on 2018, with mentioning year’s colors. Ultra violet, which has both retro and contemporary look, calls on those who do not want to compromise modern style while caught in magic of the nostalgia. You can also use this provocative color with black, which will form a bold unity with the anthracite shades that is favorite of 2017. The ultra violet, the symbol of mystery and nobility, will create a magnificent ambiance with black, when combined with glass and marble. Tes Mimarlık | FT Nişantaşı Office Project
PROTECTIVE BLEU BLANC OBJECTS A long, skillful and elegant trip Bleu Blanc. This French word that means blue-white in Turkish and read as ‘Blö Blan’ is the last name of given to the thousand years old adventure of porcelain and cobalt. The extraordinary story of Blue Blanc porcelains which have a place in decoration world for hundreds of years and even though there is less interest in sometimes it protects its presence and value can offer a reason to you to give place them in your home because blue-white Chinese porcelains was the symbol of rebellion in Yuan Empire that was established by Kublai who is the grandson of Genghis Khan who captured China in 1279. Blue means a protection to evil eye, malicious affects and superstitious powers in all Eastern society. The situation was same in China and Chinese artist who were unable to bring to living under these Mongolian family’s thumb to themselves and wanted to protect themselves were using the Cobalt which had been come from Iran to design porcelain. Then China made deep its cobalt mineral and produced its own blue. On the other hand Iran discovered to secret of porcelain even though China kept it and Blue- White porcelains were included to Iran, Ottoman and China collections. It was expanded to all Europe came a long way till Netherlands and continued to diversify with changed patterns but same colors and moreover the Monumental Blue Blanc porcelains which were produced for Europe became most favorite decoration parts of baroque era. The values are worth of tens of millions of the giant Bleu Blanc vases from the original dynasty era is enough to tell how valuable they are, in other respect, if you do not support spend your tens of -millions- of dollars to this kind of investment -which I do not support- you can catch a sophisticated style with preferring a blue blanc lamp shade. Buying Blue Blanc wall paintings and blue blanc flowerpots, choosing small accessories from blue blanc porcelains objects and placing these to Country, Classical or tropic decoration style in the proper places in the houses may be very appropriate. On the other side, the word of Blue Blanc is not only used for description of porcelains. Blue and white colors spread to textile and wallpapers with the patterns that reflected China and Europe porcelain art in a thousand years. Decorating a wooden blue chair that is in front of the walls which were covered with marvelous blue blanc wallpapers and was painted with white dye and designed with elegant line with a blue geometrical patterned pillow and adding a vase that is included colorful flowers next to it, creates a wonderful waiting or reading corner.  Utmost elegant, graceful and valuable. It will be impossible completing without silverware. Netherlands is the first European country that trade with the Far East and this allowed that it got ahead in porcelain art. Even today, the most special parts of the whole world in accessories belong to Netherlander designers and ceramic artists. Exhibiting the one of the collection of Blue Blanc wall plates or finding unique patterned blue blanc ceramic tiles and borders for your bathroom are possible. All these Silk and Spice Roads and İznik tile art via Netherlands relations are inspired lots of things from Blue Blanc patterns and left spectacular works. You can inspired by the Far East, Europe or Iran and the Ottomans, it totally depends on the soul you feel belong, but unique patterns of Blue Blanc that distilled from its hundreds of years trip must be take place in your home as a protective eye.
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